AIM 1.4

AIM is an instant messaging program by America Online
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AIM is an instant messaging program by America Online. With this program, you can talk to as many people as you want, and all of the tabs just appear on one window for each person you’re talking to. You also can see when your buddies are typing, when they are away, when they have sent you a message or when they have signed off. This application allows you to change the colors of buttons and the background color of windows, and it also offers some themes that you can apply to every instant message or buddy list window. AIM 6.1 has new features such as the "Buddy Info Images", which allows a user to add an image to their buddy list; "Offline IMs" feature, which will allow you to receive IMs while you are offline; and also a voice chat, which can be very useful when you are tired of typing. This version is no longer available for download, but you can download the latest version which offers many new features such as status messages, cellphone integration, multi-player games and many other cool features.

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