AIM 8.0

It allows you to exchange messages with friends, family and colleagues online
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AIM is an AOL Instant Messenger – the messenger program offered by the company AOL (America OnLine) entering the time Warner corporation.
You can exchange messages with friends, family, and colleagues online.
Plugin is an add-on to this software for expanding its functionality. Their new plugins allow the user to add some features to user's buddy list. The user can watch videos and listen to music. The user can add as many plug-ins as he likes, just click for an access at the bottom of its Buddy List.
QQ Games are the games for multiple players, they are available for playing with other AIM users. User has to install a plug-in for this.
The user doesn't have to waste his text messages. He can send Instant Messages directly to his friends' mobile phones using AIM! That way, the user will never miss an Instant Message. The user can forward messages to his mobile phone when he goes offline. He can stay in touch in that way.
Using AIM the user can show that he is off, just by creating his own Buddy icon, changing his moods. There is a large choice in the Expressions library. The user might change the color of his Buddy List window as well.
There are some other cool features of AIM. The users can share pictures and have a video chat viewing each other and much more. It is possible to save all the online conversations. The user can communicate with Offline IM even when he is offline together with. And there are much more useful features.

Anastasia Spiridonova
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  • Added more features
  • Stay in touch even offline
  • Free


  • A bit complicated
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